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issues. soon noticed low coolant light. no overheating though. checked oil and it was clean. drove another 80 miles and oil got dirty (but not milky). changed oil and filter and drove 10 miles and checked oil and not...
the lights are flashing the horns blowing. the light has been on for a year for towing / alarm cant get it to turn off the alarm. help
Some cold air then just ambient air
I have been told it's just a faulty scener switch?
It has been like this for about a year. Every once in a while it will work normally for a few days, but mostly not. The odometer works fine. Banging on the dash didn't seem to help. Thanks.
replace/repair of super charger clutch
my security light or tow light is on solid is that normal ?
this is the second time this has happend
Intermittent misfires, followed by check engine light coming on. Check engine light goes off after a while. Dealership replaced oxygen sensor valve but problem persists. They suggest the cylinder head be removed an...
rear air bag sensor , does car have one?
My car has a slight leak from the rear main seal and oil pan gasket. It has 100,000 miles and I plan on keeping it. Some say wait until it gets worse to invest the 2500 or so to fix just a leak. Not sure if letting th...
I have misplaced my maintainace schedule book. Where can I find what is to be performed when?
Cruise control works between 30 and 40 miles per hr. After 40 miles per hour it will no work. What could be the problem?
i will be driving along just fine and it quits running and sometimes if it sits long enough it might start running.. or sometimes i go to start it and the lights come on the fan runs but the motor will not start. pl...
any idea on repair cost for a hardtop that freezes up when opening or closing?