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Iv have 2 fuel pumps put in, MAS flow replaced, fuel filters and 02 sensors replaced as well. I have no idea what to do next. Its going to the shop in a few days
Che ked connections and have power to player in trunck.
s/c clutch wont engage at all ive hardwired it and it runs ok no bad noises, i have replaced a mofset in the ECU buk101 50dl but nothings happened i have swapped the maf still nothing
issues. soon noticed low coolant light. no overheating though. checked oil and it was clean. drove another 80 miles and oil got dirty (but not milky). changed oil and filter and drove 10 miles and checked oil and not...
have reset key fob. dash lights come on when I try to crank. battery has been charged that does not seem to want to hold a charge.
i had a tire shop mount the tire on the rim and i put it on myself, about month ago i had a tire go bad so its been changed and no issues, this time i bought two tires and so i rotated them, putting the two new ones i...
Can I now replace them with a slightly narrower tire but keep the same rims? Also I've been told one rim is slightly "bent"; can it be "unbent" at low cost? Thanx!!!
When it first wound down there was a "click" and a "rattle" as if something fell inside the door. A friend replaced something (Trip switch?) and it worked OK for 2 or 3 times then the same thing happened. If you win...
Stop, put in park, then drive, press gas and all ok. Done this 4-5 times past 3 weeks.
Also will not start or run until fuel is sprayed into the intake
The CODE keeps coming up after entering so I think either the code is wrong (doubtful) or I am doing some thing wrong. After entering the code number three times the wait (lockout) comes on and nothing happens. Any ...
If you pour gas in intake it will start for a second and die
I took my car in to one of the companies I found on RepairPal for: 1) Front left wheel bearing replacement (2) power steering hose replace. Its 10 yrs old 171,000 miles. They recommended their over all exam of car $...
My antenna got stolen. This is the black,rubber coated, non-retractable that screw in. Where and how much would this cost to replace it. Thanks
We have rules out the starter and solenoid, it has to be between the key switch and the main relay box ?
Fuel gauge showing empty or half when tank is full car is 1999 230 slk
How do I access the rear antenna to check to see if it is attached? I am getting no reception on my radio. I disconnected/reconnected the battery--this did not solve the situation. When I push the "WB" button--I ha...
When they do the water level and oil pressure alarms come on. Fuel gauge and RPM stay steady except occasionally when everything goes crazy for a moment. While all this is happening the car runs perfectly
this occured after the battery was disconnected and reconnected
how can you tell if the maf sensor is faulty or what else can i look for thats causing this fault
Have tried turning door lock with key, pressing lock button for ten seconds, then pressing lock button once, inserting in ignition and turning to second position. Still won't work.
the lights are flashing the horns blowing. the light has been on for a year for towing / alarm cant get it to turn off the alarm. help
left turn signal works, emergency flashers work but nothing to do with right turn signals work. including side light. could it be a relay and if so what one and where to find it