Brake lights, turn signals, flashers, and high beam when I hold the lever in all work fine.

The convertable top won't move to forward to lock nor will it move backward to open ???

the car will not start at all
Message says electrical components offline

The abs light came on in my 2003 sl500. Took it to my mechanic. Mechanic says, mice have chewed on the wires because the wires have wheat in whatever the wires are made of. Can this possibly be true?????

ABC illuminated, checked reservoir, still had enough to make it home, arrived home with passenger side touching wheel and red "Ding!" Stop! Car too low on the computer screen. Now my car is completely dropped on passenger side. HELP! WHAT'S GOING ON???

a new bulb the right front light doesn't always light up. No reason why now it does and then it doesn't

dash clock not dimming during daylight, bought used one on ebay. this one not illuminating at all. does the clock have to be reset

2003 2 dr roadster 5.0 sl class
Vin WDBSK75F010200
In great condition (looking)
car facts No accidents

The car is sitting a little low and should I drive it I have it towed to the in the local MB