Brake lights, turn signals, flashers, and high beam when I hold the lever in all work fine.

Does the fluid leaks when the belt breaks

The convertable top won't move to forward to lock nor will it move backward to open ???

the car will not start at all
Message says electrical components offline

The Crank Position Sensor, plugs, wires, filters (you name it) have been replaced. The car has 5,900 miles on it (sat in a lady's barn for 17 years). My mechanic keeps getting a 1681 (?) crash code. The SRS has been disconnected to see if that's the problem. It isn't. Still stalls, but then it starts right up.
Just started to idle rough and then stalled the other day. I'm going crazy. Please give me some ideas to pass along to my frustrated mechanic.

Service is up to date.

The abs light came on in my 2003 sl500. Took it to my mechanic. Mechanic says, mice have chewed on the wires because the wires have wheat in whatever the wires are made of. Can this possibly be true?????

think maybe knocked off disengaging engaging rods.any way to get into trunk?

First the left side at 27,000 and now the right at 33,000.

ABC illuminated, checked reservoir, still had enough to make it home, arrived home with passenger side touching wheel and red "Ding!" Stop! Car too low on the computer screen. Now my car is completely dropped on passenger side. HELP! WHAT'S GOING ON???

don't have original manual,only replacement which has no info that I ordered.after changing battery all instruments not working,including the speedometer,the radio is asking for a code to operate

speedometer not working also

Noise has become more audible and constant..not so much over bumps or braking

Car ran good after replacing the trasmision for awile fluid could be a little low but now car will not start at all please help

Looking at buying one that has 140,000 miles.


I need to replace the broken electric defrosting mirror on the left side.