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When car was initially started no lights. Turned car off and on service engine light came on? Car cam from Cali I am in Midwest in Dec. I noticed as was mentioned by another member that temp stay around 80 but when I ...
there is just no response could a bolt or cable have disconnected? if so we i access it through the actual shifter
PART NO A275 150 04 80 01 AND A275 150 05 80 01 CHASIS N0 WDR220178A122400. ENGINE NO122400. CAN YOU HELP?
I just need to know some tips, recommendation and or proper techniques on how to set the timing chain during removal and installation of the timing chain as this is the most critical step in changing the head gaskets.
I would like to replace the oil coolers where it require pulling of both heads. I got to the valve cover and I am not sure of how continue. should I take out the chain and how is it by taking of the valves ?? and how...