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After having my auto alternator installed the Oil level turn on showing low oil level. A dip stick showed oil level full at 120ml. What is the cost for parts and labor ?
How do i Troubleshoot or retrieve codes. ABS/ASR light is on. My power locks/trunk lock are not working don't know if it is a bad air pump or some other electrical problem causing it not to work. Please help.
car has check engine light on, owned for a week i can get over 60mph rpms like 1500 not high, owned car for a week before i start changing coil packs and plugs, modules, since i don't have a total power lost , could ...
were to find mechanic to fix this problem?
I can adjust the temperature, but cannot control the blower at all.
When car was initially started no lights. Turned car off and on service engine light came on? Car cam from Cali I am in Midwest in Dec. I noticed as was mentioned by another member that temp stay around 80 but when I ...
I have bought a Mercedes-Benz model 2009 size S600 Full specifications are 120000 km The first problem is that lime was awagha status S sport for about a month and I walked it at high speed after a positive...
both engines run, can run without each other, but together there not sync, when warmed up runs a little rough and back fires some. Why aren't they in sync ? main wiring harness rebuilt, throttle bodies rebuilt.
My car was leaking fluid and the light on the dash said ABC System faulting
The battery was dead. Clicking noise from the engine compartment. Jumped the car. The tire pressure display has a fault (does not display the tire air pressure). Could it be a blown fuse. Where is the fuse for the ti...
there is just no response could a bolt or cable have disconnected? if so we i access it through the actual shifter
Shaking at stop an slow takeoff but there is no check engine lite coming on
The steering is a bit stiff and noise is comng from the front passnger side as i turn the car to the right
my vehicle is not in use a lot i recently drove it and noticed oil leaking from the bottom of my front doors please advice thank u
The right side of the engine is not operating and raw gas is being sent out the exhaust. The oxygen sensor has been replaced. The left side is operating.
PART NO A275 150 04 80 01 AND A275 150 05 80 01 CHASIS N0 WDR220178A122400. ENGINE NO122400. CAN YOU HELP?
when my car is park the driver side sits lower than the passenger side
If I move the shifter out of slot and towards the 3 position the trans will shift. I have replaced the speed control module on the side of shifter. what esle can be done or checked
The Drivers door can only be open or closed with the key, all other doors work fine. Also the remote Trunk opener does not work but can be open if the car is unlocked. The problem is permanent but happen just recently...
Had battery replace and when set awhile the battery die.