I recently changed the radiator and to remove the radiator you had to remove the attached condenser. the condenser freon had to be let out so it needed to be recharged. during recharging the AC off was hit to test out the heat. And now when i press AC on it will not come on.

Dealer says needs new engine. How probable is workmanship error in disassembling and replacing balance shaft in causing this problem?

I need to know how to replace a front Fran Kase valve leak

Trying to determine if problems are related to year

When I start the car the command center comes on. There's a ticking sound coming from the steering wheel area, the radio goes in and out for a while the says "device not Active". Anyone else with this issue, and is it a simple fix?

To red marks then it it goes away then it shows Battery

brake light replacement

there were no warnings or anything, fluid levels are good

the tranny kicks the car into drive , when i take off the car feels like its stuck on first gear it accelerate real high and the rpm keep going high , it doesn't feel like it shifting to second gear like it normally does

Hello, Bought an s550 2007 model today, when I had been driven it for about 5 hours it started to whine, the noise is constant and is following the rpm (can barely hear it on 1k rpm) and when the noise gets louder (you rev it) the steering wheel also vibrates because of the whining. I haven't figured out if the car can selfinspect or get some diagnostic on itself. But I would love to know what could be wrong or atleast some tips in the right direction.
The last minutes of the drive it got MUCH worse and the peepy whining was louder than the engine from where i was sitting Thank you for answers :)