it is oil leak and the oil decrease

I've noticed for the last 2 weeks that the engine sound louder especially when the car in P mode

I noticed today by left rear wheel undercarriage soaked in fuel.

I went to the shop and they said the diagnosis machine said my amp is bad? Could it be the wires connected to it? Before I spend a lot of money buying a new one is there a cheaper option?

It starts to open and then it closes right back.

I recently changed the radiator and to remove the radiator you had to remove the attached condenser. the condenser freon had to be let out so it needed to be recharged. during recharging the AC off was hit to test out the heat. And now when i press AC on it will not come on.

Dealer says needs new engine. How probable is workmanship error in disassembling and replacing balance shaft in causing this problem?

I need to know how to replace a front Fran Kase valve leak

Trying to determine if problems are related to year

When I start the car the command center comes on. There's a ticking sound coming from the steering wheel area, the radio goes in and out for a while the says "device not Active". Anyone else with this issue, and is it a simple fix?



I have a 2013 s550 benx with 110.000 hwy miles and all of a sudden my car stopped working
auto repair guy says my propeller shaft front and catletic converter malfunction. total bill up to this point over 2k.....these items should not malfunction on a 2013 right should I write Mercedes about this problem

To red marks then it it goes away then it shows Battery

When i accelerate from low gear there is jerking or a little hesitation when i pull off in low gear.

brake light replacement

I have a 2011 S550. I know for sure it sat for weeks without use prior to buying it and had "hard starting" reported. I have a recurring "dead battery" like failure where the car won't start. Dealer has been good, but baffled. The main battery, starter, alternator, regulator, and several modules have been changed.

When the dealer gives it back with a good charge, its weeks before it has the issue, then it fails to start 3-4 times a week. Jump it, drive it, starts for a few times, then fails again.

This past time, the car was dead. Turn the key fob, no dash board, and very few clicks. When the roadside tech connected the portable jump cables, the car fired right up like there was no battery issue at all.

No one knows what to do.

Any ideas? Anyone know if the battery control module might cause this? Other component that on command to start could be shorting the battery?


there were no warnings or anything, fluid levels are good

I'm a owner of a 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 and I'm feeling a vibration in periods of two seconds then it disappears for one second and then back again at all times and it's felt through the chassi and in the seats. The dealership told me I had bad transmission and engine mounts so I changed them but problem still exist, I googled for people with the same issue and people talk about bad flex discs so I changed them too but problem still exist, I checked if the rims are bent and they're not. I've tried to locate the problem by put in neutral in highway speeds and the vibration is still there. Have anyone any clue what it could be? I have new tires too and the problem still was the same thing with old tires. I've made a road force balance with the new tires. It all happened one day when I drove into a pothole on the freeway. Does anyone know what can be wrong?

the tranny kicks the car into drive , when i take off the car feels like its stuck on first gear it accelerate real high and the rpm keep going high , it doesn't feel like it shifting to second gear like it normally does