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Like the car is losing full fuel supply most time like 3 times in every 200meters sometimes works well I have changed airmax I have serviced what the mechanic will call actuators still same
My ml 270 cdi not 320
Just quit, going down the highway and it decided to quit working.???
I have never had any problems with my car until now. When im turning the key it sound pretty rough and is shaking a bit
My son does stereos for a living and put a new one in my car, I took it out for a drive and I cant get the low range to disengage, I tried putting it in neutural and taking it out of low but the light stayed on. I dis...
only had 3 days, no problems. while driving 70 in cruise control car shut down, when engine is on everything works until the brake pedal or gas is touched then system shuts down. Battery shop tried to replace the batt...
Is it better to go with a new motor or just give up?
Cant get fluid to other 3 brakes, bled them and nothing. Even bought the tool to bleed brakes.Just don't understand why? I have done brakes before stumped!
The car is blowing heat from all the vents and will not turn off I was told that I needed an a/c harness for the left and right and a fuse panel and was told it would cost 800. in labor is that true.