Starting car nothing happens doesn't click or tick or anything from engine u can hear it trying like a humming sound . lights, radio, all work. Car was working fine up until this one time. Has not started since

1. Can this be a bad fuse problem
2. It just stays on while driving
3. I do not know diagnostic codes

this piece snaps with one screw to hold snaps broke

If I start the car it will be on and once I put it to drive it goes off .

I have 320MLSuv problems! Problems! Need drive south! Broken gas, speed diameter(can't tell how much gas nor how fast going) no radio sound. Had to replace engine a year ago. $$$$! Due oil change every 10k with 128,000 miles. what should I do ? Help!!!

my MB 1998 ML 320 has transmission problem . I am far away from home . I was thinking of pulling it with my MB 2012 ML 350

What is problem when will not go over 45mph

My brake lights are staying on even when brakes are not applied

It's now making to drag, what could have be the cause.

The car shut down while driving, all the light on the panel were on. After waiting for about 20 to 45 minutes, I could start the car agin and it was driving normally.

I replaced the starter and the battery still no crank or start

Neutral for 30 seconds as per the state regs. Shortly afterwards the transmission has begun to intermittently stop shifting automatically from gear to gear & sticks in 2nd or 3rd, when put into reverse or back to drive the transfer is very hard. Does anyone know what to do?

The car was making that noise like when the sparks plug are out and they wasnt bad however I changed the sparks plug 5 month ago got the original ones with the mercedes badge on them. it ran quite good but after 4 months the issue occured again. a month ago i had the air mass flow meter replaced too.i dont know whats causing this issue and im also thinking of sparks plug wires so if you could suggest me anything .thanks in advance

The hatch latch in the back of my benz ml320 will not latch the hatch will open and close without latching any suggestions?

I reinstalled a rebuilt windshild wiper motor. Electrical connector mates OK. Need help to find and correct electrial problem.

gutless when going uphill trying to pass or getting onto freeway. The oil looks something like gooey grayish

But if you stop put it in park it will restart no problem this just just started recent

This is the 3rd time. Once 4 weeks ago,we waited 20 min. then played around with shifter and everything was ok. The first time was a year ago, in 20 degree weather. Went to start it and could not get it out of Park. Let car warm up, played with gear shift and about 30 min. later got it into park.

Winter is coming, never had AWD before. Want to make sure it is working correctly before the bad part of the winter hits.