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Everybody else is selling the assembly but I need only that 1 piece - backing plate. Thank you.
Can't figure out problem. Had dish ran and only emission code came up. Someone told me wheel speed sensor may be bad and take it somewhere else for better test. Also shifter will not go back to park right away will ...
The lights didn't come on when work was done 2 days then they came on need advice
My airconditioner will not start. Power is at the unit but no action.
I have a Mercedes Benz ML320 year 2000 and I have a problem with the central looking, the car won't look, I have replaced the keys battery, and I deed the resetting, the car looks ones and won't reopen I went to a two...
I need to replace the break light switch ESP light on and my car won't switch from parking to drive :/ anyone in the Burbank area that can help ?
Disconnect the battery problem went away for 20 minutes. I am confused on if its the speed sensor, the 02 sensor or tranny conductor plate thingy inside the tranny. Mechanic told me it the transmissions computer. Does...
or if the car is in gear at all. I need to know what is wrong so I can get it fix. thank you
I put car in park and upon starting car the shift will not move from parking. what causes that? thanks!