1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Questions

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also where is my yaw rate sensor in my 1998 ml320 ?

It have been often to icant drive it as much

how can i do first how can i check first

I know I need a new transmission.
What is the price of a new transmission for a 1998 ML 320, one owner. I am the original buyer.

Rides well no issues with Brakes, change front brake sensor. Not the rear sensor as of yet. No issues with codes.
Just that annoying light on. :)

I know don't know what it is

I need to know how to reset key

over last few months, starting has gotten weaker and weaker ever so slowly. Thought battery was getting weak, so i replaced it... did not help at all. Local mechanic said it was the starter, replaced it, nothing new. cleaned all grounds, nothing new. Tested old battery.. it is fine... tested old starter it is fine. now all it will do i click like crazy when trying to start with key switch, but if you jump across the starter with a screwdriver it will turn over like normal but wont start.(while jumping with screwdriver, after only a few seconds it acted as if battery went DEAD! and started clicking just like when using key switch.) Keep in mind.. vehicle started fine, just weak, was afraid soon it would leave me sit so i started this process. No blown fuses, the yellow k12 relay i believe it is, sounds and feels to be activating. i am clueless now! Any ideas!? Thank You for any and all help!

my MB 1998 ML 320 has transmission problem . I am far away from home . I was thinking of pulling it with my MB 2012 ML 350

I reinstalled a rebuilt windshild wiper motor. Electrical connector mates OK. Need help to find and correct electrial problem.

All Pointers has gone off?

this is from the dash, not from computer scan. the mileage turned to 199000 and at the same time gas was low, and I added gas. could this be a 200K maintenance signal?

I have replaced 2 starters within the last 3 weeks. They both lasted about 7 days I believe there is a electrical issue in my starter circuit. On the 2nd install we tested the voltage from the positive battery terminal to the starter and it was 12.2v but the other side was 9v.when I turned the ignition it bottomed to zero. I was told there is not enough volts to keep the starter turning. I'm thinking starter switch. It's not the battery. Any help would be appreciated

Please help