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Our daughter said the window just went down on its own and is now broke. Can that even happen????
truck starts, will not stay running. used it to jump another car one day. it started after that. then once try starting it again, will turn over but will not stay running
my car has only done 110 k and has been serviced regularly. now after about 30 mins or 25 miles it won't accelerate above 80 km/hour. It does stop just won't go faster. Then when I stop the engine seems to be running ...
Leaking oil at the oil filter unit. Where the circulation lines connect to the filter assembly. Could it be a gasket?
just went to start it one morning and battery was dead. i got a boost and it just turns over but will not start?? Tryed changing the crankshaft posistion sensor and still nothing. Any help would be greatly apreachia...
do you think is my ignition switch
I did check vacuum s and I recharge the sistem
More detail. Had no problems this am with vehicle, went to start vehicle this afternoon, it rolled over but wouldn't start. Then after letting go of key, the key stuck in the position to start it for a few seconds ...
Can't find charcoal canister
It happen went I put the key in n turned the steering wheel.
It won't crank and the door locks stopped working from the button on the inside and from the remote