either it rises or goes down in the front end on its own while driving

I fixed my cam shaft and another part that had to due to the manifold removal

No power steering on start up for about 15 seconds no change with engine rpm

When I press the level button, its says compressor is not available. what could this be???

Would like to know if u have to replace fuses,and where are they located

Cost to replace front-end struts?

At 51,000 miles my check engine light came on. My mechanic ran a diagnostic and advised I take the care to the dealer because there were so many codes it had to be a factory problem covered under the warranty. Mercedes dealership told me I needed $16,000 worth of engine work and it was not covered under warranty. Needless to say I walked away disappointed that my 85k car was useless. In the meantime I got someone get me a smog pass so that I could register the car and I've been driving the car for 4 years and 50k miles. The check engine light is still on. I recently had another diagnostic and the mechanic says the codes that its showing don't make any sense. If everything that was showing was wrong with the car was actually wrong the car won't even start. Should I replace the computer to see determine if there is anything wrong with the car?

I have power stern fluid in it so is it the pump, the belks, or is it two power sterling pumps?

when i turn my car on the lights are automatically on, but i am un able to turn them off once the car is off, nor am i able to turn the for lamps or parking lamps on while the car is already on.. please help

When I first get in and start my car, the rear is low and rough pulling out of garage. I wait and it builds up pressure like on a bus and is better. I've had this problem before a long time ago.
If the car sits for any time, I see it is low again.
Is it a value or strut or airbag? I do not want to be taken advantage of at the repair shop. Want to know what the possibilities are before and the possible cost of the repairs to compare to.