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Cost to replace front-end struts?
At 51,000 miles my check engine light came on. My mechanic ran a diagnostic and advised I take the care to the dealer because there were so many codes it had to be a factory problem covered under the warranty. Mercede...
the compressor is coming on but nothing is happen
The check engine light came on yesterday/
I have power stern fluid in it so is it the pump, the belks, or is it two power sterling pumps?
when i turn my car on the lights are automatically on, but i am un able to turn them off once the car is off, nor am i able to turn the for lamps or parking lamps on while the car is already on.. please help
Heard a pop started car drove it and no rear suspension. Now what to repair
When I first get in and start my car, the rear is low and rough pulling out of garage. I wait and it builds up pressure like on a bus and is better. I've had this problem before a long time ago. If the car sits for ...
my wife got an accident in the garage,after she press P for parking on the button,the vehicle just slam on our garage wall,is it related to a diagnosis from mersedes that there was a misfire,they replace an assembled ...
I just bought it from a used dealership. Nov 15th 2014
2.Gas cap is open sign often shown.then blink yellow light in fuel gate. and then all disappear .always sign on CHECK ENGINE.sign
Timing belt change interval
This is the first time it's done that after having it for almost 2 years.
The SUV is flooded but it appears the water did not get inside since it still smells like new in there.
Do I have to put in code to use my stock radio once I disconnect the battery? Im trying to put an aftermarket amp and subwoofers
I just bought a 2012 GL 450 which has the blue side LED lights. Initially every time I used my remote to lock/unlock the car doors, the LED light would come on. But recently they do not come on at all. I do not know w...
this is the code I got when I diagnose it is U0103 lost communication with gear shift module.
when the car first start moving in the morning.
or navigation
the car also breaks on its own after take off. sometimes.