2008 GL450 original OEM bluetooth modules do not support Iphone 6 &7. Is there an updated module available?

Original OEM bluetooth interface modules do not appear to work with new cell phones (ex. Iphone 6 & 7). Is there an updated version of bluetooth interface modules available?

once this happens, the car decelerate and throttle does not respond

I had the filters replaced, the ventilation system treated twice and had some treatment done inside the vehicle cabin area but nothing seems to work. The smell has a bacteria odor and I can smell it even when the air condition is off, wonder if its standing water?

I replaced one of the rear air bags and the compressor and had the suspension calibrated. now one of the front air bags is blown out. is it common to have to replace all of the air bags ?

I have to jump my battery after every 2 days if I am not driving it.

Mercedes benz fixed an accident from rear tire whole rear was change cost of 14k after that car does not go over the bumps like it's absorbing instead there is a sports car like hit to vehicles cabin I took it back to Mercedes and they said it's normal but I know it didn't drive like this before and I don't have the sport comfort settings I m stuck I hate
My car now don't
Kno what to ask them to do help please

I just get back on my trip and i have i'm over 1000 miles on maintenance service C.
I like take my car to the dealer for maintenance but right i don't have money for services, but i'm keeping driving my car, do i'm going to cause more situation in my cars if yes what it is? any advice or what the maximum limit

ABS light is own andDSL light

Accidentally put 8 gallons of unleaded gas instead premium.
What do you?
Switch to premium and mix?
Or go to the dealer fix it.

either it rises or goes down in the front end on its own while driving

This only happens in reverse not in drive when I turn the wheel, any solutions to this problem.

we think the kids dislodged the headrest when they were joking around. a punch from the back seat hit the headrest. the srs warning light came on.

I fixed my cam shaft and another part that had to due to the manifold removal

I've had mine repaired 2 times already and now it is out again from May, 2015 to August, 2015 and the dealer will not cover the repair and neither would my extended warranty because it specified McPherson Struts only.

No power steering on start up for about 15 seconds no change with engine rpm

also when to change the battery?

When I press the level button, its says compressor is not available. what could this be???

Would like to know if u have to replace fuses,and where are they located