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I was driving my mercedes e350 4matic when a red batt displayed and it became veRy hard to steer
My radio (and everything else) mostly works, but turns on by itself after I turn off engine. Fiddling with the power/volume control will turn it on and off (no need to push button). I "fixed" it by taking out COMAND f...
No power to the front wheels at all. No warning lights on. The rear end just wanted to come around and meet the front!!!
When turning to park my car car accelerated on its own ,brakes did not function and I could not shift to neutral. Has this problem been experienced by anyone ?
just bought a 2008 e-350 and when trying to use the drivers side trunk release the d/s window comes down instead. any info would be appreciated
Will not extend
Here are the tire specs: Continental ContiProContact (Grand Touring All-Season) Size: 245/40R18 LRR: Low Rolling Resistance Sidewall Style: Blackwall Serv. Desc: 93V UTQG: 400 AA A I check and adjust the tire...
Is it worth the investment...offering $13,000--brand new tires and brakes....high-way miles and family owned.
Low Milage [8000] car, Battery drains to nothing. three times within a month. Can't start car.
Just had dealer do maintenance check and I was recommended to get a transmission fluid flush. Car has 40K miles. When asked did they change the filter as well, I was told that the filter would not need to be replace...
heater worked last year after summer noheat climatic system works fine but no heat