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It happened while driving at a speed of 50 miles/ hour

Contacts in My current phone needs to be deleted and re-enterrd

Trying to order brake parts and they have 4 body code types

My auxiliary battery malfunction light came on. What do I do?

dealer wants diagnostic fee to trouble shoot. they say possible wiring problem. how can i self diagnose

Car need to be moved off of the street how can this be done with no hydraulics.

Oil level on dipstick is within the range of min/max. Even tried up to the max line, still no difference.

The rear camera is activated

It is for 2011 E350.

My driver seat has broken.... We never ever experienced anything like this with any car before.... I there a recall for this?

I was driving the car normal ,,, next day transmission did not work any more but the car still running

just the headlight not the running lights or turn signals etc...just the headlight (wire color) please

It is a recommendation from technician at the dealership to do this while replacing front springs/coils? Not sure if this is necessary. I was told it's recommended due to age of vehicle while doing the other work? Estimate given for shocks $877.60.
Springs/coils estimate $1,301.20

When one spring coil is broken (front left) should the other one (front right) be replaced automatically at the same time?

The motor doesn't even make any sound when I try to open it with the remote and also with the interior switch

The car starts moving well and suddenly it's like it's on neutral even though the gear selector is still on drive.....this normally happens when the car is hot....when it cools down it starts moving normally.

if any one is interesting in having a legal User ID and a password for Online SCN coding Mercedes Benz's vehicles, I can Provide you with a user name and password which will give you the full access to Online flashing, SCN coding, activating and personalization and Initial start up to any New/Old control unit (ECU, ETC, ESP, .... etc.) of Mercedes Benz passenger cars vehicles, the login process is direct by using the star diagnosis tool for Mercedes Benz that is connected to the internet.

if any one is interested, I can provide help with best price ever.

Radio comes on once key is put in ignition but goes mute almost immediately,
The displays that comes on the dash board are 1.Front right SRS malfunction 2.Front left SRS malfunction,3.SOS Tele Aid inoperative,4. Tire pressure monitor inoperative. 5.All the buttons controlling the seats for adjustments are not working. Please advice

also my license plate lights and 3rd brake lite went out all at the same time.

Shift points are displayed when using manual shift paddles and shift points are displayed in auto mode on the 2015 C300. Is there a correctable issue re the E350 or does the C300 have a feature that is not included in the E350?

Hi, I have got a tapping noise(from engine) for a few seconds after starting up my 2010 C300. It happens after it has been running for a while and is re-started when not fully cool. If I start the car for 10-20 minutes and leave it for 2-3 hours then it will make the noise when I re-start. However, I found if I repeatedly start and stop the engine with in short period of time, only the first startup brought the sound, and the rest start-up are quite smooth and quiet.

I never top off the tank and I will smell the gas for several days.

At what mileage should 2008 E350 timing belt be changed?