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i don't know what the problems are. my front left wheel is closer to the fender then the front right. i have had a service c notification, could that be the problem? if anyone knows, i also have pictures of the wheel ...
Check engine light on I had fuel pump and gas cap replaced but check engine light still on. Car has 144000 miles on it
My ESP light is coming on and when this happens my cruise control doesnt work any idea what's wrong?
hard loud shifting check engine light on
I wanted to add a testimonial for a shop that took very good care of me and my vehicle- Auto Tech and Body- in pompano beach and I couldn't find the shop... this is a huge place in pompano... how can I add this shop t...
I recently purchase a Mercedes 2007 E350 2 mos ago. About 3 weeks ago the fan starting running loud whenever the car idles asat a stop light or after I turn it off. At times it is so lound and runs at least 30 to 40 ...
Check engine light is on and want to check but don't have a clue as to where the obdii is located.