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Service C is being flash on display, due in 28 days,,, What does Service C provide????
No shimmy in the wheel, the car rides fine and straight. There is a little chatter when I put on the break, but the car does not pull to either side. The road noise increases with speed.
I had codes P0300, P3004, P3005, and P3006 on my 2006 Mercedes. Anything related to the catalytic converter is covered under federal emissions standards of 8yr/80k. It is actually listed on the EPA website as one of ...
My independent MB mechanic believes the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. Is this covered under federal emissions warranty of 8yr/80k? I am in Miami if anyone knows a dealer who will replace under warranty.
I hear a tapping sound during idle,car has been recently serviced by dealer
I could be driving and when I come to a stopp sign the front drivers side parking sensor will sound off. How can I fix this problem myself?? dealership wanted $220 for diagnostics test + additional for parts and labor...
drove my down to Dallas from irving and everything was fine. I went to get back into ai after lunch and i would not start, it had plents of Amps but wouldnt turn over, I waited for 3 hours trying on and off before get...
when i turn left or right i low speeds vehicle vibrates
there are oil in the coolant reservoir. what can cause that? could it be the oil filter housing? cause there is a oil cooler attach.
what are the pitfall to replacing the brake pads (front & rear) on the 2006 E-350 4matic? Also, how hard is it to remove the rotors?
I the front end of my e350 4 matic is now resting on the inside of both my front tire (fully inflated)up in te wheel wells. What could bete problem?