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After shifting to reverse, the car made a funny, rather loud sound, for a couple of seconds and after shifting to drive. It is still clicking, mostly from the drivers side. The sound is lower when accelerating and lou...
I have a seat belt stuck around the head rest, how do I remove the lower, and back portion of the rear seat so I can unwrap the seat belt from the head rest. I have tried removing the head rest with no success.
It seems that the design of the wheels, acts as a knife cutting the Pirelli tires . I read that there was a problem of tires not supporting the cars's weight. What options do I have.?
It sometimes happens on a road with a long gradual downhill, and I'm going about 3rd gear. It's been happening regularly also when I come up my road, which is a long uphill--not super steep, but an uphill climb. It wi...
Is the battery in the front under the hood or is it in the rear in the trunk (boot) area?