Oil level on dipstick is within the range of min/max. Even tried up to the max line, still no difference.

Says service for schedule E is due

i have the same code in my Mbz too .

makes a noise when the ac is on

After turning the key dash lights are on but no noise when I try to start the car. Both batteries have been replaced twice. It eventually starts after several attempts but, displays convenience functions are unavailable; heated seats, auto mirrow and seat functions, temperature etc. Then they become available after several miles down the road. Had it at the Mercedes dealer 4 times and they can't figure out. A local auto repair suggested the starter/switch.

My car had been running perfectly, but one day it stopped in the middle of the road when I had been accelerating onto a freeway. I had it towed to a shop, and now they are saying that the "motor module" is burned out. They are quoting $4,500 for the repair. The car has less than 40,000 miles. I don't speak "car" so I don't know if they are taking me for a ride. I can see that the computer chip has been burned. Is that a fair price for this?

The door doesn't always lock. Is there an inexpensive way to repair it? The part (A2117200835) seems affordable but dismantling the door looks overwhelming.

i was thinking its from the gearbox but having disconected the torque converter noise still the same so its not the gearbox,have removed the fan belt and started the car still the same any one came up with the same problem as my options are running out any hints or help please thank you

Please advise the items in Schedule Service D
I have 65,000 miles at this time.
What is the expected cost?