turn signals not working, emergency flasher not working, horn doesn't blow, wipers do not work. This is a constant problem. Replaced turn signal control on steering column still does not work.

Approximately how much would that repair cost

because i allredy replace the cam and the cranksharf sensor

This is the first time it happens and I just bought a brand new battery and still won't work

I only recently purchased the car and haven't taken it back to the dealer to see if he can/will correct the problem.

It has a self laveling seems like its no longer working...vehicle bottoms out...just bought it on the internet...bad move!

I turn the radio volume down and it gets really loud.

The control button on the upper drivers side door.

it is entered via the radio.

i just can't locate wherte i wrote it down, and my shop doesnt open until monday.

My door locks will not work. When I use the remote to lock the doors, only the alarm system is activated. Same when I unlock it as the alarm is deactivated.

Th driver's seat has started to "make a pop" when any pressure is applied. I think this is in the back part, not the actual seat - but I cannot find schematics to diagnose - anyone have the seat assmebly drawings?

1) a/c control in car seems not working put a/c fan on high and seems very little air coming out from vents and feels warm air. 2) a/c compressor doesn't turn on.