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After driving for 1 hour car will no start. Leave it to sit overnight and the car starts.I changed the CPS and still the same situation
The complete dash goes blank and sometimes it start and shut off immediately. The humming or idoleing sounds are only heard during the blank dash. What could cause this it has approx 74,000 miles?
Battery was down and jump started, car runs fine with no problem but red light on dash board comes on and states that take to shop.
I can drive it for a day and park it for the night. It would be dead the next day. I just put a new battery in, so that is not the problem
service c on the screen in my car . just want to know what is that mean or what should i do?
you let of clutch too soon, I have it in the C comfort
rear bulb is ok .what to do. where is the turn signal module is found .how to check the module.
Turn indicator light in door mirror not working , Mercedes says the wire is broken which requires new mirror at around £400. This really hurts just for a broken wire any other way to fix this :)
Or is it a bad choice? Im 19 years old, i saved alot of money after i graduated highschool and started working. I really love mercedes, its my dream car, but alot of people tell me its a horrible choice due to the cos...
Trying to do online search for part and there appears to be nothing available, and there is another name for the same part? part # came from Mercedes dealer.
The message comes to screen always these days. I cant use the vehicle anymore. IDEAS???
car stall for the first time and hesitates on take off