I have over 200,000 miles on it.

Does this with or without engine running. Driving short distance - no change.

Cannot isolate noise. turned engine over and drove forward and back but made no difference.

The E320 was parked and I was removing parcels from the trunk. there was a loud bang and the front end of the car sagged down to the stop.

The blower speed fluctuates between speeds no matter if it's on defrost or heater.

E320 2002 make

took it to main dealer but after 3 hours charging my £300 , nothing not wiser!!!!!1

can anyone one help ? the merc dealerships are NOT helpful at all ,my merc is non starter as the result is it the cdi control unit at faut if so where is located under bonnet ?

buy anyone a large drink to sort my car out , ttthhhaaannnkkksssss

Can drive about a half miles after restart before car shuts off after restart.