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when I turn on air condition fan, the EC indicator comes on. which i was told that an indication the is low on freon.
The car don’t start. Someone tell me that can be a brake switch. But I notice that I can turn radio on and I can change the shift to neutral and others position.. I think. I can't do that before!! Cel 939-644-5151
transmission will not shift gears until it get hot.
I noticed it when I started the motor. Mechanic found the belt moving and shaking the pump. How much for the water pump and labor?
When I Push Gas peadel has no power it looks like it is dying it dose not pick up speed could you email the answer please (faithautosales@gmail.com)
car has about 120,000 miles and has slight vibration when sitting idle. Mechanic said needed motor mounts. Does this sound logical?
the economy mode light on ac will not go off. how can i get the ac out of the economy mode
how much would you charge to replace the tensioner on this car nancy martindale
water was spilled in gear box consel which caused the electrial elements to stop working I need to replace the fuse. this has happened 2xs before this is 3rd time dealer charged 700.00
I cannot figure out how to change this light bulb? It is the smaller light next to the big head light. I took off the plastic cover. I see a black plastic knob so I unscrewed it but it does not want to come out. I...
One of my headlights went out - it is one of the smaller ones located next to the large outer headlights (don't know what its called). Is it just a bulb that I need to replace? If so, how do I go about doing it? How...
ac gets plenty cold but in less than 1 minute compressor will shut off & wont come back on unless car is restarted,ac otherwise works normal, compressor can be kept working by cycling with EC button on controll head a...
What Brand is recommended (DENSO)(FOUR SEASONS) OR (BEHR)?