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I was told I needed a transmission speed sensor?..help?..the are trying to charge 4000.00
It smelled like electrical fire but no flames just smoke and burnt fuses. I am scared to replace fuses and drive it because I don't want it to catch on fire. Have not looked behind fuse box yet (would have to take d...
oil in Engine Control Module?
After servicing my check engine came back on. My mechanic fixed it and a day later it came back on again. Mechanic can seem to figure out was wrong.
My E-320 has 136,451 miles on it. When should the shocks be replaced?
Have checked fuses under the hood and backseat. Nothing blown
My right rear window regulator broke and needs repair.
It started smoking and it smelled real funny. There was standing water after a big rain back there. First the lights stayed on, and the alarm horn started going off. We pulled the fuses, but then the battery went bad...
Car set in garage for 1 year. Jump started drove +/- 20 miles with no problems. Park for a week, had to jump start again, that is when above mentioned lights came on, and engine will not throttle up.