When car warms up the sound goes away.

daily when first driving car for the day

both key wont turn they are stuck about a week ago one set of keys were sticking my wife ,had to ture the streeing wheel to get it to turn over now both keys wont turn and don't know what to do should I replace the ignition lock

Gear shaft replaced transmission pan removed

the car does not make any noise or show any signs of problems but the engine light came on and mechanic tells me i need new relay and air pump. The car has 180,000 miles.

There is no voltage going to the connector. I'd like to know if this connector is goes through a fuse someplace which I could not find.

my car chocks like as if it wants to not go sometimes the rpms go sky high when im aruond town stopping and going through town this all happens at the same time my check engine light comes on and i also get check engine electronics please contact me at 559 631-8744 my name is dee thanks

I check the brake pad they are good all springs are good, parking brake is off

I had the timing chain tensioner changed twice ,the problem went away for a short while and then came back,it is noticeable when the car is at an idle.
How do i fix this ?