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Yesterday t car engine exchust fan came bit closer to radiator.today I took the car to garage and the place the radiator in right place. and they said my radiator tank has very little water.SO they put water and that ...
Th key in the cylinder doesnt turn to unlock the steering wheel and start the car.
My a/c works fine but the fan motor only runs on low speed
When I come in house my windows r shut.come out later there open. There opening by themselves whats problem
i replace the cluster after battery was replaced and the cluster dont read any gauge
came home one night turned it off Came out to leave and it started doing that no acceleration
I have a 1996 Mercedes E320 changed ignition, lock switch tumbler assembly and steering lock assembly. drove the car for two days... parked car on a hill, now ignition key doesn't come out...or start vehicle...trie...
No previous problems. Pulled in driveway and never got out of car. Went to back out about 5 minutes after pulling in and no reverse. It is like it is locked up. Never have had any problems All other gears work fine