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what is the kind of air filter needed and how do you open the compartment where it is located. I can't get it open, afraid to break it so I can't tell what kind of filter is currently in it. Thanks
Wonder what might be the problem it had been sitting up for a year jumped it off it cranked up run good
I have taken my car to my local mechanic and he has cleared the code. After driving a few miles, the code comes back up.
let the car sit for a few minutes it seems to reset and will run for a few more miles. Check engine light came on. Had it towed on a flatbed and the repair shop said it was the transmission. This does not sound correc...
happens mostly in chillier wheather ... not hot weather
It is broken because I am getting the 5 clicks every time on start up.
my seatbelt on the drivers side will not go back in
We have owned this car since new, and in the past two summers we seem to be only getting 2500-3500 per set of tires. Same driver, dealer cannot locate what would be causing this. We used to get 10,000 per set of rear ...
I have had one mechanic say it is a bearing in the transmission pump and is common to this model. Nothing to worry about. One told me it could be a baffle in one of the catalytic converters... No lights are on.. shif...
1st does anyone know if I need to take it in immeadately and 2nd how much does job normally cost ?
Bumper frame bent which pinch radiator hoses and push in radiator plus transmissuon fluid leaking so bad that Now the car willnt move or go forward or reverse. only msybe if it has sit for a while. its in bad shape bu...
Cabin fills with musty, mildewy smell when a/c is first turned on. Thinking a filter needs to be changed somewhere