even when i used the climit control the air still not coming out the center air outlet. we change the pump that pump fluid in the car.

Dash lights and all

Radio can be turned back on without restarting by hitting gage power button

Battery light came on visit workstation. wouldnt crank 2 hrs later cranked, died while driving and lights went out and slowly car eventually stop driving at normal speed to a stop. Only occurred yesterday for the first time.

work no alarm used the other remote nothing got new batteries nothing I'm trying to find out what is wrong and how can I fix did something get accidently get turned of or what

Seatbelt retractor needs replacing

The seatbelt does not go back in

How much to repair a cracked rear wheel

installed crankshaft position sensor.

no heat coming from vents

even after new brakes i have a squeaky noise coming from my back wheels could you tell me what is that sound?..when i drive and even when i brake the sound gets louder

On a very cold day i went to open my door and it pulled out the stainless steel bottom art of the door frame up, with a large black piece as well. How and where can i get this piece to fix it myself? How much would it cost and what the heck is it called?

First i noticed my windshield washer wasn't working.. Now my windshield wipers will only work if my left turning signal is on...Is this a short? Is it a easy fix? Or expensive problem?

Just the top part.

how to adjust low beam lights on 2004 mercedes benz CLK 500

over the past three days multiple item went out. one after the other.. first, wipers wont work. fuse good, replaced relay. nothing. next day.. front left amber side light out.. not day the automatic headlights went out. manual ok.. the next day, both driver and pass. door mirrors switch dont work. scared to see what tomorrow brings..???? poss. BCM.. but been told this model has like 5 or more bcm's... which one is faulting..

engine light came on while driving shut car off at work 4 hour later car won`t start.sound as it wasn`t getting gas

drove car for lunch came back at 11am 315pm car wouldn't start sound as it wasn`t getting gas

they ended up having to replace the bumper and all the assembly left tire both struts etc. when I received the vehicle back i noticed that the cooling fan was already on and i had driven just 1 block? I then proceeded home approx 50 miles and it got so hot i lost power so i stopped and pulled over to allow for it to cool down? bottom line i drove home noted the problem to my ins carrier let it sit for two days and never even thought to check the coolant? drove it again the dashboard lit up like a slot machine red warning lights to stop engine asap. there was not a drop of water/coolant in the radiator. my question is could there be any short term/long term damage to the engine or anything else? I am very concerned. And yes the body shop had to drop the radiator to repair the front end damage.

It keeps telling me it is not in Park, but it is. Also there was trouble getting the gear shift to move into park. I can't turn it off with the key or with the automatic turn off button on the gear shift

I had the refrigerant serviced. When it does work both the heater and AC work fine. I think the heater is on but not blowing. Same with the AC. When its not working I've tried shutting everything down, including the engine. That doesn't work. Tried pushing all the climate buttons. That doesn't work either. It's flat out random.

what is the kind of air filter needed and how do you open the compartment where it is located. I can't get it open, afraid to break it so I can't tell what kind of filter is currently in it.


Wonder what might be the problem it had been sitting up for a year jumped it off it cranked up run good

the whole unit is not working i need to get window back up as well as get into the trunk

I have taken my car to my local mechanic and he has cleared the code. After driving a few miles, the code comes back up.

let the car sit for a few minutes it seems to reset and will run for a few more miles. Check engine light came on. Had it towed on a flatbed and the repair shop said it was the transmission. This does not sound correct to me.