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Car says premium only, but several folks have told me if it doesn't knock, then regular won't hurt it. Anyone running regular gas with no issues or has anyone run regular gas and had issues? Thanks!
I have a vehicle engine code P0456. It has been smoke tested and no leaks are present.
I have read many issues with the Air Conditioning failing. I think one reason is a design defect. The two lines run along the left side of the car over the wheel well and through part of the chassis. This section that...
When the cruise control is attempted to "Coast" it malfunctions and ststes to "Go to the Workshop" for diagnosis. If the car is turned off, it resets and works again. I disengage the Cruise to slow or tap the brake in...
Water drips into the cabin, spilling onto the driver's left arm, after it rains. The leak seems to be between the convertible top and the top left corner of the windshield frame. Water comes into the cabin upon acce...
cars hesitates a little when applying gas and engine light came on one time before
have i triggered a anti theft sytem in the car, tried turning the steering wheel and key at the same time..
A/c blows warm air sometimes, the aa/c is very erratic when it works and when it doesn't i tried to troble shoot with MB disk but it's very vague it references a teperature pressure sensor any body else has this problem
I changed the rear brake pads on my CLK 320. After replacing everything back I noticed that break fluid was leaking out of the caliper at the bottom. Took out screws from bottom and re tightened still leaking. What is...
I don't have any problems with the car, but i was wondering if i could put an aftermarket radio in the car, other people I've consulted with said I couldn't. because the car isn't IPOD ready.