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I only notice smoke when I shut the car off after usage.. Recently had oil change but I had spilled oil cleaned off & still smoking..
At the back of the transmission, it is a light drip from the black boot going into the Transmission box. is this a seal I can replace?
My car is running rough & now it is slowly raising the temp. I think when I checked the water level I got air in the system or maybe it needs a new temperature gauge? Perhaps water pump?
The fluid going to the headlights squirts just fine. The fluid going to the windshield dribbles.
I had convertible covered on carport all winter. I started it twice. Now the key won't turn.
My car makes a loud noise when I hit any kind of bump and I think it may be the hold down nut for the front strut. How can I tell if that is the problem, and if it is, how do I fix it? If I can't, any idea how much ...
Trying to replace the headlights cables, can't find screws/bolt to loosen the bottom portion. Can someone send me the schymatic? Car starts nicely once charged, drives in perfect condition may die by next day neve...
have to charge battery for a second then it starts up, I notice that the headlight cables have the missing insulator.
Our Battery died, AAA replaced the Battery all ok, but nothing when we went start no cranking at all, is there a reset on this car ??
Car says premium only, but several folks have told me if it doesn't knock, then regular won't hurt it. Anyone running regular gas with no issues or has anyone run regular gas and had issues? Thanks!
I was driving when my power steering went out, but the car wasn't shakey and I checked my tires and nothing was wrong with them, I'm wondering if my belt broke? Or maybe the steering fluid is out? I'm not sure what it...
No reverse lights or parking sensors when engaging reverse
This problem just started today I'm thinking alternator??