Windows will go down but the top will not go down. Have checked the luggage rack and it is stationery.

not tensioner or idler pulley

My car is running rough & now it is slowly raising the temp. I think when I checked the water level I got air in the system or maybe it needs a new temperature gauge? Perhaps water pump?

My car makes a loud noise when I hit any kind of bump and I think it may be the hold down nut for the front strut. How can I tell if that is the problem, and if it is, how do I fix it? If I can't, any idea how much it will cost to get it fixed at a shop?

The gas meter was had blinking light until I reclosed gsd cap, now check engine light on.car also had about 5 -beeps when I start.

Had battery and brake light replaced. Now car is stuck in park and abs light on.

sometimes the brakes will make like a chugging sensation like they are grabbing and slipping repeatedely.
and when backing up the right front tire operates normally but the right tire turned almost sideways in its wheel base, i pulled it back forward parked it, and got on line to fill this out
thank you for your help

I recently took my car in to the dealership because of a tick tick noise from the front of the car, white smoke that I had noticed and also a noise with the steering. The dealership told me that I needed to replace the steering pump and it would fix the problem. It has not even been a week since getting back my car and I noticed that the car is making more noise and there is a lot of oil leaking from the car. I took it back in and they said that the new pump was too strong for the rack and therefore had cracked the rack! They are asking for a huge bill to fix something they made worse. If you could please elaborate on steps that could have been taken to have prevented this and the most cost effective solution at this point. Please advise. Thank you, Bita

the problem occurs when the engine starts until it stops. Now the radio has no sound and A/c is inoperative

The crankshaft sensor was moved to a different location in the later models. Where is the senor now located?

Can corruption from oil or other engine fluids leak on the senor and cause the sensor to go bad?
How long does a crank position sensor normally last?

The problem was reported and also a recall for another make and model was listed. It was also reported to consumer affairs. Any ideas when this will be a recall item? Thanks.

I need camber adjustment due to age? Tires are wearing inside 2 in of tread. Should be able to shim back to spec.?

How much for parts and labor?