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I had convertible covered on carport all winter. I started it twice. Now the key won't turn.
No reverse lights or parking sensors when engaging reverse
Or will it automatically change the used settings to the settings on my car?
I would like to use my own cell phone but the connector is too large to fit my newer and smaller phone.
My drivers side and passenger side windows and sometimes my sunroof open after my car is shut off. Sometimes after days of sitting with no problem sometimes happens within minutes of shutting the car off. Sometimes ju...
I would like to replace the motor mount on my 02 mercedes-benz clk 320. Thank you in advance.
I had my 2002 CLK Mercedes serviced at the dealership and now my transmission went out. I never had any problems with my transmission before they serviced it.. When they returned the car to me and I drove it to work ...
My trunk pops open while I am driving-I replaced car battery, keyfob batteries and had a mechanic disconnect the trunk latch-still happens. The sunroof and windows go down with no warning when the car is locked or unl...
how many spark plugs are on this mb & are they hard to replace? thanks.