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Can a SRS error code be turned off without repairing the problem. Can a non mercedes shop clear a code?
The SRS light was on so they took it to a Mercedes shop to clear the code. When I got the car back the rear passenger seatbelt was not working. I called Mercedes and they said carmax wanted them to clear the code but ...
Hatchback is very hard to open, sometimes will not open. Seems to be the actuator. How can I fix it ?
It dose not raise immediately but when you march the truto for long then it start raising
I have a 2003 c320 with only 58,000 miles on it. I purchased it in Feb 2014 two days I after I bought it The gears wouldnt shift. The dealership repaired the problem for free and it has been driving excellent every si...
I can't put more then $5 in the tank because it pours out fast.
do I have to position new motor to a certain position to install it,it will go in either open all the way or closed all the way on the six sided shaft??? thank you scott
Fan comes on slow when ac/heater is on but it will not come on like normal to keep car from over heating
Parked car.When I returned I turned key and nothing. Assumed it was the battery and changed it. Still nothing. Had it towed to my mechanic and he changed the starter. Now it still won't start. Could it be that with th...
radio "skips" with a short pause every 10 seconds or so .. independent of audio source, so i'm thinking something to do with the amplifier. but my understanding is that the components are all run together by a fiber ...
replace conducter plate sensor transmission pulled transmission fluid and pan off now undid 9t30 screws one thats stripped i cant get to it with plyers etc to tight space
they claim it to be the driver door airbag sensor, does the door panel have to be removed to replace censor?
I sounds like it is coming from the wheel area.