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Radiator coolant steam out of tubing behind the engine n firewall with no access near the driver side n fuses. .help what to do right.. how to remove the tubing to the core behind the firewall properly. Help ..
White smoke is coming from the exhaust when I go on an incline. Check Engine light came on and car ran rough.
What is the cost to replace a glove box in a 2002 C320 Mercedes Benz?
The problem occurred after the battery was changed.
the stuck I couldn't turn it. Please let me know what to do. I bought a new battery wasn't the problem. The power shutdown, where can I restore the power?
Can a SRS error code be turned off without repairing the problem. Can a non mercedes shop clear a code?
The SRS light was on so they took it to a Mercedes shop to clear the code. When I got the car back the rear passenger seatbelt was not working. I called Mercedes and they said carmax wanted them to clear the code but ...
While driving the backrest of the drivers seat reclines by itself while driving the vehicle. What could cause the seat to recline by itself automatically.
secondary air pump will turn ON when the engine is HOT
Hatchback is very hard to open, sometimes will not open. Seems to be the actuator. How can I fix it ?
I was driving then I went to use the cruise control once I did that the car worked with the cruise control. The next morning I start the car and it was idling at 40 rpm while in park position. Now it remains idled all...
My mercedes C320 2002 after star do not ascelerate when step on The gas i change The Air mass The same problem state at idle di not ascelerate
sifter dosen't go on reverse or parking sometimes works... but on - + all the gears work propertly after 10 to 15 stuck on 1 gear wich one is it neutral safety switch or trans module or shifter assembly
It dose not raise immediately but when you march the truto for long then it start raising
after 2 days I parked it it had funny sound lightly an was using a lot of gas. I knew something was not right. thought I was took no one told me about the sensor.scared to go back you never no what they tell you.pleas...
My car jerks when I drive it on automatic between 20 MPH to 40 MPH if the RPM is at or around 2,000. If I hit the gas and the RPM goes at or above 2,500, the car DOES NOT jerk. Sometimes, when I am at 40 MPH and I slo...
Could this be a problem with the automatic (D) transmission when shifting from 2nd to 4th gear? It normally happens when the RPM is around 2,000. If it is a higher RPM often it does not happen. Once I get past 40 mph ...
it shakes or vibrates even when in motion or at a traffic stop
Its showing that i have the driver door opened when its actually locked, i just bought the car from an auction and it looks like it has been repaired following an accident. The driver door does not lock with the remot...
I suffer from a high fuel consumption (80 km/20L) so please can you help me to resolve this problem
I will be replacing my mass air sensor, I've been told it maybe my mass air flow meter. If replace the Mas and it it is the meter will it ruin the new mas?