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How many control arms does a c230 2006 mercedes use in the rear ?
When key is inserted in ignition everything (radio, lights, dash lights) works but key will not turn!! Sterling wheel is not locked up or in a bind, and the car is all the way in park. Replaced batteries in key fob an...
I checked for leaks on the ground and there weren't any. The smell gets so intense that I have to turn my heat off completely and open car windows to rid the smell. Upon my visual inspection under the hood,I noted som...
I just got code p0015 this morning (12/07/14). It read: "B Camshaft Position Timing Over-Retarded? Bank 1. I just want to know if this is a Mercedes recall.
2006 c230 sport 1180000 miles location of crankshaft position sensor
What part is likely causing the smoke and/or failure of a/c to cool, though it blows just fine. heater works. engine runs great. I was going to try to recharge the refrigerant, but just running the a/c on high for a ...
had oil changed with Ammco in memphis Tn. They put the wrong oil in, then later changed it back. This left a rattle in engine.