2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 Questions

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My remote will not unlock or lock the door and it has new batteries Mercedes says they have to reprogram it for 500 $ let me know if thats what I have to do thank U

I have a 2006 mercedes c230 and my display is telling me that the car needs a level b service , what does that entail ?

My armrest is come undone on the bottom of the armrest. I would like to fix it before it comes undone completely.

I have replace the ignition coil cap about a month ago and it was doing the exact same thing then and now it's doing it again I taking it to a mechanic and that's what they keep telling me that this ignition coil cap thing bad so when I replace it it starts doing it again number one went out 8 months ago number for 1 months ago and now it's reading number for again the code that it's growing is P0304 what should I do. P S turning the car off and back on seems to fix it for a while

Hello my check engine appear i have continuous camshaft right and left ana something in the exhaust can anyone help me and tell me if its something that cost much

Replace all light bulbs still does not work

My car won't start at all and the warranty does not cover this ignition,

but when engage in driving then stop smoking

hit a deep pothole hard and car continued to perform until the next day. checked fuse and relay, both good. No pressure at valve on the fuel rail. did not get sound from fuel pump even after direct 12V.

It has 93k miles

I heard to Valve body is a one time flash to the vin. Is this true?

Of shredding

How long do I have to replace it