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Panoramic sunroof rattle. Sunroof completely closes, sunroof motor starts rattling then sunshade doesn't close.
The airbag came out and in order to fix I'm looking into steering columns, the wheel is next to impossible to turn as well. I think I may also need a seat belt tensioner.
TI cannot move the seat up or down back or forward. It stopped working sometime ago and started back, now it is not working again.
mileg,110, suddenly my car starts to shake & about to shutdown,
194,000 miles, changed fuel filter, air and oil, CEL is on, engine does not always stop, no response from gas pedal, local shop could not read codes. I thinking fuel pump is going, going, gone at the worst time. Any s...
called many shops, but I'm waiting for someone to give me an accurate (low) rate.
I also noticed when I release my emergency brake I'm having to pull harder on the release to disengage the emergency brake.
How many control arms does a c230 2006 mercedes use in the rear ?
The GPS works but it's off by 500 miles (shows that I'm somewhere in stockton when I live in LA. I have a 2006 DVD for it and the new one is over $200. I'd buy it but the thing has been off for years now. Any thoughts...
When key is inserted in ignition everything (radio, lights, dash lights) works but key will not turn!! Sterling wheel is not locked up or in a bind, and the car is all the way in park. Replaced batteries in key fob an...
We changed 2 of 4 camshaft positioning sensor, but the engine check light is keep coming back. I noticed the 2 sensors that we installed is different brand from the other 2. Is it the reason why the engine check light...
The other day. The wife parked the car at work. She said it did not want to start. I checked it out and brought my OBD reader. It threw out some codes of concern initially for the CAMSHAFT Sensors. I had it t...
Where is the fuel pump located and how to remove it?
alternater is fine . afer it sit's awhile after driven some noise comes from the passengerside and we disconnect the battery so it won't drain it
In night sometime normal in afternoon to totre failed
And also when installing them how do I repair the interior?