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Car is smoking out of exhaust pipe check engine light is on and the engine is ticking like a little knocking sound... doesn't have my speed anymore and I need my car back!! HELP, mechanics this far north don't know what to do but I can transport south...

ac heater vent stuck

Cupping wear on outer portion of right front tire causes car to shudder through 55 mph
gradual left turns. New tire lasts about 20 to
30K miles before wear pattern re-occurs.

While driving it stays on, and while idling.

My remote will not unlock or lock the door and it has new batteries Mercedes says they have to reprogram it for 500 $ let me know if thats what I have to do thank U

Sometimes my car gets stuck in park. I have to shut the car completely off. Then restart it. Sometimes, I have to repeat these steps two to three times before it will work. Why does this happen?

I have a 2006 mercedes c230 and my display is telling me that the car needs a level b service , what does that entail ?

Limp mode active, will not up shift

left on idle for an hour and it started to steam. no visible leaks. not overheating

The radiator fan was running but it will not come on but the car won't run hot.

My armrest is come undone on the bottom of the armrest. I would like to fix it before it comes undone completely.

the car sound is heavy while driving

The wire broke off under my front bumper. Now my fan always runs and my a/c went out right after. Any idea on the cost to fix? I did as much research as I could and it's supposed to be a b12/2 wire or something. I just need it fixed.

car it ran for a min then just died and wont start back up it cranks but no fire plus my dash says 1 malfunction and 2 malfunction

I have replace the ignition coil cap about a month ago and it was doing the exact same thing then and now it's doing it again I taking it to a mechanic and that's what they keep telling me that this ignition coil cap thing bad so when I replace it it starts doing it again number one went out 8 months ago number for 1 months ago and now it's reading number for again the code that it's growing is P0304 what should I do. P S turning the car off and back on seems to fix it for a while

Hello my check engine appear i have continuous camshaft right and left ana something in the exhaust can anyone help me and tell me if its something that cost much

my sun roof makes a terrible noise and wont close electronic or manually

Problem occurs every time I drive the car. It sometimes stays in a lower gear and sometimes goes in neutral while I am driving.

brake light fuse

Does the trans need replacment or servicing

I got an estimate to replace the compressor and belts for $1,325 - is this a fair cost?

Last 3 days when I start car it just turn over but won't start, first day it took 5 times before it started then had no problem running. 2nd day it took 7 times before it started and after starting had no problem starting. 3rd day it took 7 times car ran fine, couple hours later tried to start and it just turned over. Tried repeatly thru out the afternoon even jumped it off still wouldn't start. Next day was going to have it to owed and it started right up. What would cause the car to act this way?

when driving it starts off fine then a sound like the supercharger can be heard and it not the supercharger regular sound it constant and annoying buzz and then the rpm goes up quickly when trying to picking up speed and goes down to 30 and then the car won't drive and it start to decrease in speed until pullover then i can drive on the rode.
another note is that i let my friend drive my car and he was switching the comfort and speed mode while driving a lot.

I have a 2007 C230 and there's this knocking sound coming out of the passenger side and I'm having trouble figuring out what it is.

most of the time, i would hear the knocking sound when i press down on the breaks (coming to a complete stop) and when i go over road bumps i would hear a loud knock coming out of the front right side of my car. sometimes i would hear it when i turn my steering wheel all the way to one side.

I took it to a couple of mechanics and no one could figure out what the problem is. some people recommended that i change my sway bar link. so i went ahead and replaced the sway bar link on the right side but that didn't fix the problem.

i would really appreciate if someone could help me with this

I'm in the process of buying this car I got a really good deal on it, and so far I know it was rear ended recently the previous owner had it taken to to get the damaged body fixed but when he got it back, they started it but didnt drive it the next morning they went to go start it and it would crank but not start? We were able to start it with a can of starting fluid also and the car would start then after a short period cut back off. We went ahead an changed the fuel filer but still having the same problem ?

Replace all light bulbs still does not work