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it started when battery&alternator light came on.bought new battery wasn't that.bought new alternator and car worked for three weeks then battery$alternator light came on again. had diagnosed and came up alternator wa...
Some idiot has broken the knobs off the old unit so badly that new knobs will not repair the problem. I have purchased a replacement module (used). I need R&R instructions. This is a coupe. Also have a Driver power...
there is an oil leak from the electrical harness that goes into the gearbox just above the gearbox sump. what needs to be changed?
When look at live data on my code reader under fuel system 1 it gives me a CL Fault when I give it the gas. What is it and what causes it?
car fails to light up the dashboard and cannot start
my car has been sitting for 6 months now I have turned it on and the engine is shaking and making a funny noise
How much should a four wheel alignment cost? Where can I get it done?
Can I reset the maintenance schedule B light
Is there a recall for cam sensor. If so what is recall number?
And the light always comes on when I'm doing line for at least 20 min, but the car doesn't stalls or anything, fuel consumption is normal, cleaned the MAF and it pops up again. Any ideas
I add antifreeze to the resivour every 2 days maybe about 16oz I dont see any leaks but when i drive i do smell it occassionally through the vents. This just started a few days ago.
No trouble lites appeared before problem, none are on now. The transmission still will not shift from low to drive This is a 2004 C230 Kompressor