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Panoramic sunroof rattle. Sunroof completely closes, sunroof motor starts rattling then sunshade doesn't close.
The other day. The wife parked the car at work. She said it did not want to start. I checked it out and brought my OBD reader. It threw out some codes of concern initially for the CAMSHAFT Sensors. I had it t...
alternater is fine . afer it sit's awhile after driven some noise comes from the passengerside and we disconnect the battery so it won't drain it
Replaced the alarm box at the dealer but still occurs, it has been to two different shops and no one can find a problem, any ideas?
I have to drive with a pillow behind me
The battery and alternator checked and ok... it has power but wont turnover all the way... I had the coolant low light on a few days ago and I added proper coolant. It seemed a bit rough running. My instict is ignitio...
turns over but will not start battery good all lights on but car will not start
Not the dealer - but a very reliable European car mechanic. Tried two pumps in case first was defective. Flushed lines and replaced fluids which seemed fine
The light went off when I hit brakes real hard at stop light.
The car idles like a train when I start it in cold weather. If I start & stop it 5x, this goes away & the car idles normal, but the check engine light goes on. If I drive it for a while, the check engine light goes ...
is there any particular number or brand name for my car's oil filter