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The power steering pump or could that be a belt that is to loose,or tight?
I have a good batt good charging 14.5 volts when car running. When I start car I get a cleck With a jump car starts . Turn car off try to start just a cleck Chech batt.and it still holding 14.3. Can you help Th...
hood does not close all the way
i can turn the key of the trunk and lock or open the car doors but the trunk will not open
failed smog test; failed obd system checks-because light doesn't come with key, hc=282/max allowed=56 @25mph, co=1.62/max allowed=.39@25mph. already replaced the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter prior to the test...
it was running good then it quit
blower motor blow at low speed could it be the fan speed resistor
What does it mean when there is oil water in the radiator tank
1992 300E 3.0L Has Check Engine Light on and when i hold the button down on the Diagnostic Box for three seconds and release it Flashes 18 times. What is that code please or what is the problem? Plus i know that its t...
I had a mechanic recently told me he cleaned something on my car that is "like carbon" on American cars. I left a message and he said to call him Monday, but he has not gotten back in touch with me. He said it is roun...
How often should I get tuneup for car I have had at 250,00 miles?