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The power steering pump or could that be a belt that is to loose,or tight?
My car only has 132,000 miles on it. I'm servicing the transmission. How many quarts of fluid do I need and what is the best fluid to use? I will also be draining the torque converter.
my 91 300E seems to run good. I am concerned about the smell of gas . I am due for smog before Mar 8 this year. I am thinking maybe a clogged fuel filter or maybe a new one? I am not to keen when it comes to anything ...
I have los the only key to my 1990 Mercedes benz 300E gas. The instructions to replace cylinder required a key. how can I replace cylinder without a key
The cruise control has also quit working. The speedometer and tachometer work just fine. any ideas as to what I can do to remedy this problem, any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
I have a good batt good charging 14.5 volts when car running. When I start car I get a cleck With a jump car starts . Turn car off try to start just a cleck Chech batt.and it still holding 14.3. Can you help Th...
the freeway twice, but mostly when coming to a stop or pulling into a parking spot. I paid dealer $220 for diagnostic which was not definitive. They said it "probably needed the two fuel pumps and gas filter replace...
When the light is on at causes the car to start slow, have replaced both front speed sensors.
Problem mostly occurs after driving for about 15 - 20 minutes.On Freeway the transmission will go into third gear and stay there, sometimes second gear. ATF is clean and at level. Any help would be appreciated.
hood does not close all the way
i can turn the key of the trunk and lock or open the car doors but the trunk will not open
Ran out of gas and battery died added fuel/cleaner new battery
My W124 260-E 1988 Mercedes' central lock control electric pump needs a check out so I would like to know what is the correct amount of vaccum (mmHg) the pump should make? and what is the correct amount of air pressur...
the eatra heat light while the temperature eng . is normal and eng car start unstable ..
Already disconnected the brake switch and jumped power through and no reaction from the lights. Fuses are good.
When I select Drive, the transmission take about 7 seconds to kick in to gear. have checked all fluid levels. all is fine. Could this be an electrical problem?
failed smog test; failed obd system checks-because light doesn't come with key, hc=282/max allowed=56 @25mph, co=1.62/max allowed=.39@25mph. already replaced the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter prior to the test...
When the ac is on or sitting at idle the temp goes up. I start driving and the temp goes down. Earlier the Oil gauge just started going crazy then stopped working. Using oil but not leaking....crazy stuff but always ...
I put a new key switch in an when turn the key everything comes on but when you get to the last turn the motor say nothing what does that mean
Now its sometimes wont start in N I read that it possibly is a sensor on transmission where would that sensor be located?
If I remove air filter and manually open trotle body no problem
Is this an electronic linkage or mechanical? If it shifts forward and reverse how expensive to adjust out? thanks! D. S.