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my 91 300E seems to run good. I am concerned about the smell of gas . I am due for smog before Mar 8 this year. I am thinking maybe a clogged fuel filter or maybe a new one? I am not to keen when it comes to anything ...
Ran out of gas and battery died added fuel/cleaner new battery
I put a new key switch in an when turn the key everything comes on but when you get to the last turn the motor say nothing what does that mean
If I remove air filter and manually open trotle body no problem
I Have slow take off, but it does get up to speed
light on dash stays on for abs
my ignition is stuck and will not turn
I experienced short circuit on the elec fan wiring near the ABS unit while driving, and burnt some of the ABS cables. Noticed the problem when trying to make a breaking, and felt the braek failed to function just like...
I hear a knocking sound in the rear left side of the car, only when I accelerate from a dead stop, or when I take a corner at below 20 mph. I don't otherwise hear the sound on a smooth road or over a bump. My car has ...
My parents 300E refuses to start when it's cold out. Looks like the valve isn't opening to let the fuel through to start but only when it's colder outside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Air conditioning blower has stopped working. It will come on for a second when you start the car at times. Then cuts off.
Car had bad gas, drained tank and filled with fresh (non-BP)gas and changed spark plugs. Car will crank but not start.
I was driving and went across a railroad crossing and now my car will only go in 1st,2nd and reverse gear. I was told that it was stuck in limp mode. What do can I do now? Is this going to be an expensive fix?