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I also had to make a new key at the dealership and the abs light is on I tried jump starting it and nothing just a clicking sound when I turn the key all the lights come on bright
If I hotwire the starter it makes a spinning sound but will not engage. I swapped the relays around but no luck there. All fuses look good unless I missed one. ????? It was driving fine. Just parked it and that was it.
when I put my car in gear it will die on me
My ABS light stays on and the 4WD light flashes off and on about every minute or so. Also the speedometer says im going way faster than i really am and bounces up and down. U also can actually feel the brakes acting...
Pressure is good but still blows hot air. Fuses and relays are good. Is it possible that there's still something wrong with the compressor?
car will restart but dies when it is put into gear. The car works fine when it is cold or only run for a short time.
When I turn my heat on, there is a burning smell coming from the vents.
Has been leaking very little and was told because most of leak hit oil pan
It was working fine, then we had our first good freeze....end of story
the transmission place says the deferential unit has to be replaced. whats the price range on that
only does this when coming to a stop after running at speeds of 35 plus. spudders then stalls out. already cleaned the MAF and IAC.