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once you put the key in and start car when you turn it off it will turn engine off. but key will not turn all the way off & lock & come out.
I finally decided to take in my 2005 Tribute to the local dealership, and after 2 days they told me the PCM was burned out and I needed to replace it at a cost of $1700. They also said it was a good idea to change out...
Car was running fine, then one morning it did not want to start, sounded like a weak battery. Took the battery off and took it to AutoZone and they confirmed it was a bad battery so I bought a new one. Still did not...
When I come to a stop, my car vibrates while in drive if I shift the transmission to neutral or park the vibration stops.
4wd light is flashing when all-wheel drive is not working
was able to hold 40 mph then steadily dropped to 0mph. Now runs loud an dont know what else to look at. Took out the part on the bottom an got all the honeycomb stuff out an that didnt fix anything. HELP I NEED TO KNO...
My oil light comes on when the car is running but stopped so i had my oil changed and it still comes on. Can someone tell me why.and what i need to do.
Just wondering if replacing fuses would fix it. I noticed that many of the fuses control a couple of different things so Im not sure which fuses I would need to get to fix these problems if that is even the fix.
I think my alternator is bad but the pass headlight won't cut off. but nothing else at all can get power not even the door locks unless i hook a power source. it will cut off when your driving to. and then I could dr...
Starter,battery,alternator all new....already tried fuel reset button also
i live in kazakhstan! they sent me different one so i don't know to what car it fits and how to identify it? thank you.