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Usually when I am coasting and pulling into a parking space ect., as soon as I turn the steering wheel the Mazda Tribute accelerates without me pressing anything. Almost crashed into a car and a wall so far. It only lurches it seems though. It doesn't continue to accelerate.

What is that code for? what do I need? The part store checked it and it give this code po452 cab u help me please thank you

found a 5A labeled EEC pulling 7 DC volts a 30 A HTD SEAT pulling about 7-9 volts and a BTN! 40 A pulling 12 volts I have had the alternator changed out no help I had to install a kill switch to get around the battery problem I would like to know what this could be....

Thank You

What to do next?

Power steering was whining and grinding I removed and cleaned the outside of pump then noticed that the pump was spinning freely so I reinstalled the pump and it isn't whining or grinding but their isn't any power steering now. Should I have primed the pump before installation?

2004 Mazda Tribute Question: No Check Engine Light illuminated but when I start my vehicle and it idles and runs fine for one minute. Then when I press the gas it bogs down and will not exceed 3000 RPM. No power when pressing the accelerator, sounds like its not breathing right.

It is a faint flicker of the oil light, when I am at high speed and then slow down, as in highway traffic, the light flickers. When I go back up to highway speed it stops flashing. It does not do it if I am not on the highway.

I have replaced two catalytic converters and my alternator on this car now the cam pully bearing is gone out. What next