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it's only noisy inside the car, it cannot be heard outside the vehicle.
It has a new CV joint.sounds like its coming from the wheels
when letting off the brake but is on the floor and lets a noise in the rear brakes. the emerg. brake doesnt work like it should either. the pedal is way to spongey there are no leaks that i can see either
within a couple of days I checked the engine oil stick and it was totally empty ! i noticed then that the radiator coolant was okay. the very next day the upon rechecking the engine oil - now okay - but the radia...
Chokes/coughes. Spews white smoke out tail pipe. Wont hold an idle. Brake lights, ABS lights, coolant lites and airbag lites on but nothing wrong w breaks. How much is this gonna cost me and whats wrong w my car?