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01 Mazda Tribute with a 3.0 V6, FWD. Has an intermittent dying problem. No specific conditions cause this, and it always fires right back up. Usually runs really rough before it tries to die. Also, the odometer blanks...
I changed spark plugs and coil packs but yet it's still missing and engine light came back on. What can it be?
The engine won't start but it has lights and horn and radio but the SUV is dead it won't start
code shows cylinder #2 misfire, wondering if the valve cover gasket leak has anything to do with the check engine light throwing this code out? Thank you
Suddenly, check engine light, 30 seconds later I pulled over, very rough engine, checked oil, was ok. Tried to drive 11 miles home, power diminished, bad smell. Mechanic found: Cat. blown, needed Tuneup, (repl. fuel...
Old battery only running on 12 volts. Replaced it yesterday and it was drained over night. With the old battery it happened four five times and only every other day. Only first thing in the morning (so far).
We finally tried pumping the gas pedal and it almost started but then misfired (loud pop under the hood). When the key is turned part way there's a high-pitched whirring noise.
is the cost I should pay and any recommendations in SLC, UT market for repair
I have replaced two coils and plugs on 2001 tribute but it only last about a month and blows another one out. Why would this happen and what is the repair advise??
I am having a high idle problem..with car running and you hit the gas it takes a while for the rpms to return to normal. I have replaced EGR, IAC which did help a little and cleaned the MAF. upper and lower intake gas...
I don't use the a/c only heat but it appears the clutch is going. Upon inspection when we use the heat the a/c clutch kicks in and starts vibrating like crazy and that's while idling. Is it possible to take the a/c ou...