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air dam is broken. are there any overheating problems incurred by driving w/o the air dam?

bought used not running, bought many used parts, was at shop for four months,not fixed, now home, jacked up rear, started, it shudders in drive, is there a trainy problem ,sensor contributing to my woes too? will search for ground, original comp , did state something about trainy

Several months ago, auto. trans. fluid began disappearing.
Our mechanic and a trans. shop have checked. No leaks found. Any ideas?

temp gage went out and car started smoking. so i drove it home and was back fireing like crazy parked the car and didnt want to turn over in the driveway. i just replaced the timing belt a week ago and did a water pump last summer. its been parked in the garage all winter. but when i poor coolant in it just poors out. is it a bad crank or something easy?

reverse hard clang? any suggestions? just purchased it love mazdas.

Changing filter and draining, also need to know how much it holds?

I have put new vavle seals,new timing belt,new water pump and gaskets in. I put C Foam in the oil and gas tank. When reving the engine up to 2600-2800 rpm alot of somke is coming out. It has 118,000 miles on it so I don't think it's the piston rings but I went ahead and put Restore in it to work on that also. The spark plugs has oil and looks burned right after I gave it a tune up. It feels sluggush in 1st and 2nd gear then kicks in. The leak down test shows compression at 125-155. I need help please!

I have a 95 mazda maita mx5 that has 71000 miles and has started fluttering or missing when the gas pedal is pressed, and has gotten progressively worse now it also has a ruff idle, if the accelerator is slowly and steadily pressed runs great no flutter or missing. I have no check engine light, plugs look good wires look good, new fuel filter, and air cleaner, thanks

Window seems to get cocked when raised. Can be assisted by hand.
E Mail is

Car began to emit a lot of black smoke
mechanic said #1 fuel injector was stuck on all the time
he replaced injector and said he should change the oil
now after $438 same problem but intermittent car will start fine and idle ok but soon smoke begins
He now says the computer is bad

one in

Engine emits black/grey smoke and runs rough
will quit id idle is allowed to get below 1500 RPM