My truck caught on fire and I cannot find where the wire goes

I need either a picture and or a diagram it would help out a lot thanks

Battery is new. Started 2 months ago fine.

The temp outside was 57 degrees. Is this unusual.

The 01 B3000 has more than 250.000 miles on it.

It's a automatic transmission and am sure it has something to do with linkage. I did find a screw on floor board but my son threw it away I gues

My battery light came on. Had it tested along with the alternator and starter, and the starter and alternator came out to be good. But the battery needed to be replaced so I had it replaced. Well this morning the battery light came on again, so what could be the problem.

It doesn't matter if I drive 5 miles or 30 miles, if I stop and turn off the truck on the second stop it won't start. Sounds like not getting fuel. If I let it set for two hours, it starts right up. Spark plugs and wires under a year old. Fuel pump three years old. I never let tank get under half full. As long as I only stop once in a half an hour time, I am ok. No codes showing up.

I thought I was leaking coolant from the water pump. When I warmed it up to check it wouldn't leak. So I drive it around for 20 min. Nothing.
I have a ride to someone had to get on free way for 10 min. There and back and a trip to orielly and there I checked but nothing.
Oh the way it off orielly I noticed the leak again. It wasn't from weep hole. I checked timing cover but no visible signs.
It looks like its coming from crankshaft. Is that possible?

But when I finally got it to leak again