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Any way runs rough when cold worms up smoths out but still has small miss like carb. With no choke
I was driving down the road headed home when I noticed a light sounding knocking noise that knocked faster when I sped up and slowed when I slowed down. At home I put my truck in neutral and revved up the motor and th...
Was good for a day, now doing it again. Any help on where to go next?
Like I said, it runs and starts up perfectly once the engine is warmed up. If I turn the truck off and go to start it up half an hour later, it will start up with no problem. But if I wait too long, it gives me troubl...
The wire starts from around the battery and runs under the truck. It pulled out of plug, but I don't know where it plugs in. Help
I was told it was my muffler that is making all that noise when my truck runs,, I want to sort of know what kind of prices are outthere for a muffler for my truck
Dash light comes on indicating 4 wheel drive has been activated, but it is not in 4 wheel drive. Truck runs fine in normal 2 wheel drive. What could be the reason?
The indicator lights are flashing 4 high and 4 low at the same time
Changed all spark plugs and wires about 2 weeks ago,check engine light has been on for a long time,and wind shield wipers come on by themselves,or sometimes when I use the blinkers
never gave a problem and then went to put in reverse and nothing
radiator needs changing and it's 30 degrees here